SOLBIKA GLASSWORKS, Handmade in Poland – Huta Szkła SOLBIKA

The Solbika Glassworks

Over 25 years of experience, the uniqueness of traditional craftsmanship and the perfect precision of modern technology.


Craftsmanship and technology - we combine tradition and modernity

We have been operating with passion for over 25 years, constantly improving the process of manual glass production. We also offer machine production – we have our own technological facilities. Cooperation with clients from all over the world has allowed us to create a very wide range of products of the highest quality.

Uniqueness and perfection

Manual glass production means human touch and breath, the precision of each movement, and the uniqueness of the form. Machine production guarantees perfect repeatability, perfectly replicated shape. For a quarter of a century, we have been perfecting the tradition of glass craftsmanship, which is our pride and family passion. We also offer machine production, which allows us to create a series of thousands of copies.


Solbika in numbers

These are just numbers, but they illustrate what we are proud of.


years on the market

More than a quarter of a century of investing in development, experience, and constant creation of new opportunities – our products are of the highest quality and excellent design.


of patterns and shapes

Manual production allows you to achieve results unattainable in mass production. Automatic production – seriality and cost minimization. This is why we can offer our customers such a wide range of possibilities.



We work with clients from over 40 countries – our products can be found in thousands of interiors where quality and design are valued.

Our products are craftsmanship and years of family tradition

Experience, quality, and design appreciated by customers all over the world.


Acting ethically - get to know our code

We operate in accordance with the code of ethics, respected also by our suppliers and contractors.


We care for a clean planet

Glass is one of the most ecological materials, it is 100% recyclable. Additionally, thanks to the use of appropriate technologies, our production is even more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Sustainable material

100% recyclable product

Green production

Lower CO2 emissions